water in the knee

Water in the knee

The knee

Kneecap pain and discomfort problem


The kneecap is a "Umschaltknochen" in the tendon of the large thigh muscle (quadriceps) are stored, and transmits the force from the top of the lower leg (the leg lifting, stretching) and is thus an extremely important link.

Water in the knee

The kneecap while running in a separate joint in which it regularly especially during flexion leads to a pressure equal to several 100 kg, if the kneecap due to congenital disorders or injuries as a result of incorrect slides in this joint can cause severe pain, often associated with rubbing noises.

Water in the knee

Initially these often arise from walking downhill, and later during normal walking, prolonged sitting and heavy wear. This pain is a sign of the "skew" of the kneecap and growing for a cartilage tear.

Treatment of cartilage damage in the knee:

For moderate problems, with hyaluronic acid injections tried the orthopedist to achieve a cure.

Water in the knee

This should not bring success; there are other ways of treatment:

Arthroscopy with Knorpelabrasion lateral Retinakulotomie, this loosening of the knee cap means for reducing the contact pressure with larger cartilage defects, the cartilage cell transplants are performed with MACI

Water in the knee

Duration of incapacity:

As for a "normal" joint reflection of the work in the office can actually end the next day go back to work.

However, be noted:

In any case, should be taken as desired, despite extensive support and uses crutches, full weight bearing for 3 days a relative sparing for 1 week is required Physiotherapy is recommended for 3 weeks with a corresponding structure and coordination training

The duration of the disability is generally determined by the duration of transport and road work.

Patients do, the hard physical work, have in some cases, even up to 6 weeks to stay home.

Water in the knee

Sports Ability

Basically, after knee surgery by the restoration of full sporting ability can be assumed (with some restrictions on his knees). Important is a new beginning under the guidance of an experienced therapist.

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